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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Korean Beauty Memebox Review : Special #7 Milk Box Unboxing

Hi all my beautiful friends!

I know, it has been a LONGGGG time since my last post. I have just been caught up in my Korean/TW drama world lately (there are so many new dramas that I have been trying to catch up on). I'm currently watching and have finished: Spy, Pleasantly surprised, It's okay, its love, Pinocchio and many more. These dramas are super exciting and I'm so happy I started and finished Pinocchio, although the ending was a tad bit dissappointing. T-T

Blabber aside, today I have for you an unboxing of a Memebox. In case you didn't know or are unsure as to what a "Memebox" is, here is the sites explanation:

"Memebox is the number one Korean beauty online retailer in the world. 
Born in Seoul, we moved our headquarters to San Francisco to fulfill our visions of building a global portal to Korean beauty trends through technology. "
So what is Memebox you ask?

  • Memebox is almost like a beauty subscription service without the subscription part. Confused? Allow me to explain, Memebox is NOT a subscription service, you have the choice of buyiing each box as it comes out. So there is no obligation to sign up for a monthly program, all you have to do is sign in to your account and purchase the boxes of your choice. (NOTE: from my experience, memebox sells out super fast)
  • Meme packs several beauty boxes each with secret items unknown to the public. Some boxes come with themes or spoilers that allow you to get an idea of what items the box may contain. Each box comes with 4-8 deluxe samples or full size item, straight from Korea!
  • The cost of each box vary depending on what type of box you purchase (ie. Memebox, Superbox, Limited Box, Lucky box etc) Shipping is an extra $6.99 AUD per box, however some "value deals" are available for cheaper shipping and free upgrades to express shipping!
Memebox offers many different types of boxes on their site and being a birdbrain, I too, understand your feelings of confusion. BUT DON'T FEAR, I'm here for you, so here is a breakdown:

Memebox Global Edition
This is the original Memebox and are numbered on the website (#1- #17 at time of this post). This includes a wide range of both deluxe samples and/or full size korean products.

Super Box
This box just includes full size products that are under certain themes

Lucky Box

A box full of products that were featured in their previous Memeboxes

Limited Edition Boxes
Memebox often comes out with special brand-specific boxes or specially themes boxes. This usually are the first to sell out as they are super popular! I recently got my "Cutiepie Marzia box" after many visits to their site waiting patiently in hope that they restock this box.

All this is almost overwhelming but so much fun once you grasp the concept (and if your wallet can afford it *sobs*) Here is my review of the "Milk Box":

The "Milk Box" contains 7 full sized products.

Here are my reviews of each individual item. Let me know in the comments if you like the layout of the review in the pictures or not (and also if you like the pictures, I took them myself *whips out my super photography skills* ahah )

So without further ado here we go~

Overall the total value of this box comes to $91 USD which means that for the price of $23+$6.99(shipping), I saved a total of $61.01 USD !!!! I loved every single one of these items and for the price I paid to get them was unbelievable!

 Although some items are too expensive for my personal taste to repurchase, I loved the quality and range that was given in this box. All the products were super gentle and great for my sensitive + dry skin.

Well that is all I have on this box, I shall be hopefully updating soon with more Korean products and items that I have purchased.
( I really buy too much, and need to find a way to control myself heheh)

I wish Baekhyun could come in and buy everything with his money ahahha

Okay enough of that, I shall see you guys next time ~